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Some interesting stuff

I keep updating this page with my experiments with javascript, php etc. (and other things which I cannot put anywhere else). Enjoy !

CS Graduate Students

Click here to get a list of all Purdue CS Gradute Students. This page is automatically generated (daily) from this page (and sub-pages) using a shell script! I only used wget, cut, sed and grep for this script. This was done to prove to a (unnamed) friend that in Unix even simple thing like shell are deadly (this whole script was done in 1/2 hr)!

Flash Movie - BTPrix

Here is a movie that I made for one of my projects. The dialogues have some lingo which only people from IIT Bombay will understand!

My Comics Page (BROKEN)

I am a big fan of comics :). I usually use UComics for my daily comic needs. But its a real pain to go to each individual comic page to read it. (They also have something like My comics page, but its paid) So I made myself a generic my comics page. Here's how it works - Type this URL
where comic1 .. comicn are list of comics (from UComics) you want on your personal my comics page. If the URL of your ith comic is, you will write X instead of comici. For example, I like Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes, the URL's for these comics on are and So, the URL I use to access these comics is
Once you figure out your URL, you can bookmark it and use that bookmark to goto your comics page instead of typing the long URL. If something doesn't work for you and you want to fix it, email me. Enjoy ! :)
[ Here is my current My Comics Page ]